Scarlett Surveys is an international employee engagement survey, training and consulting company in business for over 53 years. Our unique Associate Engagement Research (AER™) employee survey is proven to sustainably increase business performance when compared to our empirical data base of 15 million surveys and acted upon using our Engagement Improvement System. AER™ is based on Dr. Frederick Herzberg’s Motivation to Work studies and has been applied by over 10,000 organizations worldwide with success. Scarlett technology for measuring employee attitudes that underpin engagement is unique and unsurpassed. Scarlett clients include leading manufacturing, technology, transportation, Medicare contracting, healthcare and governmental organizations including organizations which have earned the Malcolm Baldridge and Shingo awards.

Scarlett Surveys leadership in employee engagement surveys connected to business performance is featured in “The New HR Analytics” by Dr. Jac Fitz-enz, authored by Ken Scarlett, published by The American Management Association.

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At Scarlett we are a family-owned company that treats all clients with great care, whether you have 200 employees or 50,000 employees. We work with you to understand your business needs so we can custom tailor solutions to get you to the next level. You can expect to work with the best professionals, instruments and improvement systems available.

Ken Scarlett, Jr. joined Scarlett Surveys in 1984 and became President in 1992. His experience prior to entering the family business was US Army TRADOC, manufacturing management and automotive marketing research. Ken has worked directly with top leadership at hundreds of companies to maximize employee engagement and return on human capital while maximizing business success through the use of AER survey metrics. He has assisted global clients in reorganizations, business realignments, strategic planning and execution, global expansions,  pre-acquisition HC value analysis, presentations, training and consulting. Ken has published many articles pertaining to employee engagement measurement and connection to continuous business success. He has over twenty-five years of extensive survey research and psychometric credentials. 

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Durley Puerta has been working with Scarlett Surveys since 2001 working her way up the organization to the position of Managing Director and Senior Consultant. Durley has worked with hundreds of organizations ensuring their survey process is high quality and seamless from start to finish. Durley’s academic background in Marketing Research from USC and as an expert trainer with a multi‐national organization gives her a well‐rounded perspective on employee attitudes, behaviors, and drivers. Durley has extensive multi‐country survey experience in all phases of employee survey research. Durley is fluent in Spanish.

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