Accuracy Measuring Engagement

How AER™ Measures Employee Engagement

  • AER™ measures employee attitudes towards the proven 15 drivers
    of engagement by calculating an index for each individual driver and
    generating an overall engagement index based on the correct weighting
    of each driver. Each leader has a statistical psychometrically sound
    AER™ engagement profile for his/her group that he/she can impact.

  • Each engagement driver is independently measured by empirically
    validated battery of questions. This method of attitude measurement
    ensures accuracy and enables leaders to conduct root cause analysis
    ​to improve attitudes toward each driver.

  • Engagement drivers, questions results, and AER Engagement Indexes are compared to our Critical Ranges based on over 15 million surveys thereby ensuring confidence of action.
  • Global normative data
  • Implementation guide
  • Survey customization
  • Online, paper, and/or interview methodology

Employee Engagement Surveys

15 Million Surveys
​In 19 Languages & 63 Countries

Our unique employee engagement survey is designed to accurately measure employee engagement and contributing factors for successful, long-term human resource/talent management. All the data analytics you need to manage and lead your HR companywide. Scarlett provides a complete system for professional management of employee engagement.

Employee Survey Technology

AER questionnaires are scaleable allowing for the addition of questions and dimensions in our inventory to custom-tailor your survey while preserving measurement integrity. Web-based or paper survey methodologies are available and managed in-house by Scarlett Surveys to ensure employee anonymity and promote respondent trust. In-house handling ensures the quality of the data collection and the protection of your sensitive employee data. Most importantly, you are working with a privately owned company that cares.

  • Data collection in over 19 languages
  • Complete action planning system
  • Pre/post survey communication tools
  • High security survey processing facility

AER™ – The Gold Standard of Employee Engagement Surveys

AER provides organizations like yours with proven and complete engagement metric profiles for proactively engaging and managing your human resources companywide. It is the only empirically validated employee engagement survey instrument composed of all 15 drivers of engagement which can be compared to a 15 million person data base. AER is fully supported and conducted by one of the most experienced and trusted names in consulting for over 50 years: Scarlett Surveys – The Survey Company ®.

Put the science of AER™ to work for you!

Global Norms and Comparison Ranges

Survey and Consulting Support

Why Choose Scarlett's AER™ System?


  • 15 Drivers of Engagement, indexes and a complete
    system for root causes analysis and improvement.  
  • Internally developed best-practice AER™ Critical
    Ranges to compare results with global competition. 
  • Flexible level of involvement with Scarlett from AER
    Survey only to complete survey administration, help desk,
    proctoring, leadership training, action planning, and
  • AER Engagement Index and Ratio generated for
    each group along with an Index for each Engagement
    ​Driver and question item.


  • ​AER structurally improves employee engagement levels and business performance when managed. 
  • AER improves revenue per employee. *AER increases leadership and management professionalism (you are managing the right things employees really care about)

The things that engage people are different than the things that dissatisfy them

  • Service 5
  • Service 6
  • Service 7
  • Service 8

Scarlett Surveys has conducted over 15 million surveys. From this empirical data, we construct and maintain our comparison ranges. This means that you can rely on a correct context of comparison with your survey results. You will know exactly what is good and what needs to be improved in your report of results with your first survey.

Associate Engagement Research (AER™) is an empirically validated employee engagement survey that measures all 15 drivers of employee engagement which directly affect employee on-the-job effort. Unlike any other survey, AER is based on Dr. Frederick Herzberg’s Motivation to Work Studies and calibrated for global use. This behavior-based instrument has been thoroughly researched, applied and developed over many years by Dr. Robert Brown, Dr. Lester Zerfoss and Ken Scarlett to directly connect 15 employee experiences (drivers) to behavior and the accomplishing of business outcomes. AER has been used by thousands of organizations to pro-actively and successfully manage their human resources long term.

Leaders and organizations are often distracted from managing the real drivers of employee engagement. Our research has shown that opinion questionnaires do little to improve employee engagement or quality of leadership because these surveys usually focus on generalized quick fixes that employees view as disingenuous and uncaring. Scarlett Surveys unique AER Engagement Index™ and Ratio is compiled by surveying all employees with the complete set of engagement drivers. You get the full picture: quality engagement psychometrics you can trust to improve relationships while improving business performance and strengthening leadership skill – by group and overall. Our AER Engagement Index™ and Ratios accurately describe the engagement level of each group while the in-depth drill downs into the 15 engagement drivers reveal what interactions or events need to change to improve engagement intensity. Thus, your organization is able to sustainably manage employee engagement. Leaders become masters of engagement using AER™. 

How AER™ is used to improve Employee
Engagement and Improve Business

  • Ensure that each leader is accountable for their group's
    employee engagement index scores; establish as a primary
    performance appraisal cirterion.

  • Ensure that each leader prepares written action plans,
    approved and monitored by their immediate supervisor. Use
    the Scarlett Survey EIS (Engagement Improvement System)
    for action planning.

  • Develop casual and correlation models between engagement index and driver scores to business outcomes.
  • Set a high standard for Employee Engagement and institutionally support that endeavor.
  • To speed the improvement process, use Scarlett Survey's Engagement Leadership Training (ELT) for each level of leadership.
  • Use AER on a regular basis.

Instrument and Administrative Flexibility

Scarlett Surveys can assist with administrative, proctoring, consulting, and training support so your survey process is seamless, high value, and sustainable. Dashboard report summaries and in-depth engagement profiles provide you and your management team with a complete picture of prioritized opportunities for improvement, root cause and effect metrics by group and overall. This means you can begin fully engaging your employees quickly and precisely upon receipt of your AER Report of Results. These results can be used with the Scarlett Survey’s action planning and improvement system which is an assisted or unassisted process for tracking and improving employee engagement and business performance by leader and group. 

Scarlett’s engagement surveys use the latest technology to compile well-organized and meaningful reports in a variety of different languages. Our entire product line is developed with cutting-edge Unicode capability to accommodate a substantial number of languages and character sets. Enhance your business performance by choosing Scarlett Surveys. Our 53 years of experience have provided us with an extensive library of data and a wealth of industry wisdom. Become one of the leading industries that continue to use our surveys to guide their business upwards.

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