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  • Best-practice survey analytics and consulting
  • Family-owned, niche company, 55 years in business
  • Million-dollar in-house survey processing system
  • Behavior-predictive attitude research
  • Start-ups, mergers, and turnarounds – our specialty

Our Experience

  • Build a culture of Employee Engagement 
  • Scientifically manage and structurally improve employee             engagement
  • Employee engagement indexes and drivers you can trust
  • Achieve long-term talent management strategy
  • Reliable people leadership performance measures​

The engagement value chain works like this: engagement predicts willingness, willingness predicts effort, and intensity of effort drives business results. Thus, you can execute only as well as you can engage employees. You can only engage employees by managing the right things.

  • 15 million employee surveys worldwide
  • 7.8 billion survey responses
  • 10,000 business units surveyed worldwide
  • Multi-industry experience: specialized in Healthcare,                 Manufacturing, data-processing, call centers, utilities                 and units of government

Why Choose Scarlett's AER™ Survey?

  • ​Elevate leadership skills to Masters of Engagement
  • Understand the cause and effect of engagement (Engageonomics)
  • Improve business performance/revenue per employee
  • Reduce risk (safety, lawsuits, etc.)
  • Achieve business strategy with predicative analytics

AER™ Features

  • Dashboards, drill-downs, and charts
  • Engagement profiles by group, echelon, and leader E-surveys,
           ​paper surveys, interview surveys
  • Proprietary algorithms, predictive analysis
  • Optional survey administration, project management support,          and implementation
  • Best cost value



  • Complete engagement measurement, management, and                  improvement system 
  • Empirically validated survey instruments
  • Global norms
  • World-class engagement indexes
  • Empirical critical ranges
  • Implementation guide

Fully Engaged Employees Contribute More

Employee Engagement Value Chain

​15 Million Surveys